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Hello! I’m a passionate UX designer with a keen eye for user-centric design principles, currently on the journey to obtain my UX design certificate through Google. My professional journey has been as diverse as it is insightful. My roots as a scientist have equipped me with a unique perspective that sets me apart in the world of UX design.

In my current role as an industry scientist, I have honed skills that would help me transition into the realm of UX design. I have extensive experience designing intuitive dashboards in Tableau, where I learned the art of data visualization and the importance of presenting complex information in a user-friendly manner. This background gives me an edge in creating data-rich, informative interfaces within the crypto space.

Moreover, my expertise extends to data integration tasks on lab data, highlighting my ability to streamline processes and ensure seamless user experiences. I have also created automated systems using Power Apps and Power Automate, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and automation – qualities highly valuable in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.

In the field of UX design, I am skilled in industry-standard software like Visio and Adobe XD, allowing me to craft visually stunning, user-centered interfaces. My journey in pursuing a UX design certificate through Google further attests to my dedication to staying current with the latest trends and technologies in the field.

With my scientific background, data-driven mindset, and proficiency in UX design tools, I am poised to excel in the crypto industry. I believe that cryptocurrencies are not just digital assets; they represent a revolution in finance, and I am excited to contribute my skills to creating seamless and secure user experiences in this dynamic field.

Let’s connect and explore how my unique blend of scientific rigor and UX design expertise can bring valuable insights and innovation to your crypto projects. Together, we can shape the future of user experiences in the crypto space.


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